Together in Christ



Historically, the Body of Christ invented the institution called the 'university'* to be a place where a Christian may learn the known truth about any subject and area of existence in God's creation—the universe—and investigate and develop further knowledge, all on the one sure basis for accurate knowledge, the Word of God, the Bible.* 

The Body of Christ, the Mystery revealed by Jesus to His Apostle Paul (e.g. Ephesians 2–3), is the pillar and ground of the truth (1 Timothy 3:15), and the one place that every person should be able to go to attain an accurate understanding of God's universe, which in turn enables godly living in His universe (Philippians 1:9).

As such, Together in Christ seeks to fulfill God's will for the Body of Christ by offering a biblical Christian university education. Here, you may study a growing number of courses that will ultimately provide a biblically faithful understanding of every subject and area of existence in God's creation from the basis of Scripture. To begin a course of study, select a course from the drop down menu under the University tab.

All course talks and discussions are freely accessible for everyone to enjoy. And, if you would like to earn course certification, please subscribe:

Course Subscription


Each course subscription requires: (1) requesting the course materials from Dr. Barber, and (2) a one-time donation of $250 CAD. The course materials include: (1) syllabus, (2) chapter tests. Once all assignments and tests listed in the syllabus have been completed and submitted, the student will receive feedback and grades from Dr. Barber. Should the student achieve at least 60% for the final course grade, he/she will be awarded the certificate of completion for that course.

In addition to the inherent value of course completion with its accompanying growth in the grace and knowledge of our LORD Jesus Christ, Together in Christ is actively soliciting recognition of our university coursework toward various Christian institutions' degree programs.